Ways to Maintain Focus on Work and Remove Distractions

Ways to Maintain Focus on Work and Remove Distractions

Let’s admit it, we all get distracted when any random email alert or social media notification pops up on our phone/laptop. After attending to this or responding to the email, getting back to work always distracts us from the actual tasks for the day. 

Constant emails and notifications showing up on your computer or smartphone in the form of emails and SMS interrupts the ongoing thought process.  While there are all the good things about app notifications that keep you updated and get you emails 24/7 so that you can give out a timely response to your clients and employees, it highly deteriorates your focus from the main tasks. 

Not only that, but sometimes you also end up making a fatal error while doing something important. However, the good news is that you can always take some effective measures to maintain your focus and attention at work. We are listing some of them below.

Block Notifications

An alert from a smartphone or a notification is enough to distract you from your tasks. This happens to almost all of us every time. When you are at work and see or hear a notification on your phone, you can get distracted easily. It also reduces your performance on your work to a greater extent. 

People are known to check their phones more or less than 60 times a day. It requires your brain to generate more power to get back to the task which was at hand and affects your productivity. However, if you block your notifications, you won’t be distracted anymore from work.  

Blocking the Internet and Your Social Media IDs

Having your devices connected to your smartphone can get you distracted as now you have the world coming to distract you by just striking a few keys or taps. So consider going offline for a while, or simply shut down your most-frequently-used social media apps during working hours. 

Some apps help you stay disconnected from the outside by setting a schedule of your unavailability and setting you back to having an available status once you’re done. You can download such apps very easily using TDS Internet services. One of the best things is that you can save on your internet bills using TDS Internet plans and get you amazing download capacity and speeds for businesses of all sizes. 

You Can Break Down Your Tasks 

One of the best things to do at work is to break down your tasks so that everything becomes more manageable. It is a good technique to defeat procrastination and if you have a large project at hand, you can break it into small pieces and timelines and complete your tasks one by one. 

Also, do not forget to take frequent breaks in between your tasks so that you can retain information and increase your productivity levels. You can also keep an alarm clock or timer with you to keep a proper track of time.

Sort Out Your Emails Before Hitting “Reply”

It is always a good idea if you sort out your emails according to different priority scales. For instance, this can be based on the urgency to reply, the client who needs to get a reply first, the ease of completing the task, or any other scale that you can use depending upon the type of business you have. It will help you to save tons of time and effort while replying to emails at work.

Use Different Apps to Remove Distractions 

It is always a good idea to automate your work management and to make sure that you stay on the course. Also, some apps can help you create to-do lists, monitor your activities on social media, restrict access to different apps when you are working and get you a distraction-free working environment. 

Most of these apps are very easy to use and are very simple when it comes to creating and handling tasks. Also, these apps are available for free and you can use them on your Android or iOS platforms and across all devices. 


In the end, one can say that you can easily say goodbye to your distractions if you follow the above-mentioned steps effectively. You can use the simplest tools and the most effective DIY hacks to get this done. 

Many of these apps and games are available for free and don’t interrupt much while you are working. Also, to stop yourself from wasting time and to avoid distractions, you need to improve your habits as well. This will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your work and the habits of people who work with you. 

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